Information for Residents


Fences are not as a general rule permitted in the Village. Certain limited decorative screening is permitted, as are enclosures for dog runs, tennis courts and swimming pools. Permits are required for these later improvements. You can call Village Hall at 847-358-7960 for answers to specific questions.

Real Estate Signs

Only one real estate sign is permitted per property. Signs must be located on private property no closer than 30 feet from the edge of pavement. Signs cannot exceed six square feet in surface area. In addition, many subdivisions prohibit the display of real estate signs in their restricted covenants.

Garage Sale Signs

Signs must be displayed on private property at least thirty feet (30’) from the edge of pavement. Signs cannot exceed six square feet on each of two display surfaces and can be no higher than six feet (6’) above grade. Balloons, streamers, banners and other attention-getting device are not allowed. They should be removed no later than three (3) hours after the conclusion of the sale.

Overnight Parking

Parking on Village streets and rights-of-way between the hours of 1:00 Am and 6:00 PM is unlawful.  The Police Department will issue tickets for this offense.  If driveway seal coating, construction work or other circumstances make it necessary to park on the street overnight, please call the Police Department at (847) 358-7766 to obtain temporary permission.

Voter Registration

You can register to vote at Village Hall or at your respective Township Office. To register you must:
· be 18 years or older
· be a US Citizen
· reside in the precinct at least 30 days before the election
· present two pieces of identification, one of which must include the current address.


There are several area hospitals. These include:

Northwest Community Hospital
800 W. Central Road

Arlington Heights

St. Alexius Medical Center
1555 N. Barrington Road
Hoffman Estates

Good Shepherd Hospital
450 W. Highway 22
Lake Barrington

Alexian Brothers Medical Center
800 Biesterfield Road
Elk Grove Village

Police Department

Inverness Police Department
1415 Baldwin Road
Emergency 911
Non-emergency 847-358-7766

Fire Departments

Palatine Rural District
35 N. Ela Road
Emergency 911
Non-emergency 847-991-8700
Barrington Countryside District
400 N. Northwest Highway
Emergency 911
Non-emergency 847-304-3600


Inverness residents can join either the Palatine Public Library or Barrington Area Public Library depending on the township in which they reside. However, most residents do not pay property taxes for library service since they do not reside within the boundaries of the library district. As such, they must pay for a library card. To obtain a card, you should bring your property tax bill to the respective library in the township you reside. The fee for the card will be calculated based on the amount of property tax you would pay if you lived within the library district.

Palatine Public Library
700 N. North Court
Barrington Area Public Library
505 N. Northwest Highway

Road Maintenance

The Village maintains most local roads in the community. The Illinois Department of Transportation maintains Barrington, Dundee and Palatine Roads. They can be reached at 847-705-4600. Bradwell, Ela and Roselle Roads are under the jurisdiction of the Cook County Highway Department. The telephone number for the local maintenance facility is 847-397-4145.

Surface Drainage

The Village operates a system of open ditches for drainage in most areas of the community. It is each homeowner’s responsibility to keep their driveway culvert clear and free of debris. Sump pumps are not permitted to discharge directly into the roadside ditch. No work can be performed on the roadside ditch without the permission of the Village Engineer.

The Village has also developed a Storm Water Management Program, which meets the minimum standards required by the USEPA.  For more information regarding this program, click here.


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