Information for Residents

Alarm Permits

Every building having an alarm system is required to have a permit on file at Village Hall. Permits are available at no cost. With a valid permit, residents are allowed two false alarms at no charge during the year (June 1st-May 31st). A $50 charge is assessed for the third through tenth false alarm during the year. The fee is doubled beyond the tenth alarm. If no alarm permit is on file, each false alarm is subject to the $50 charge, which increases to $100 after the tenth false alarm.

Animal Control

The Village does not provide nuisance animal control services. In these cases you should contact one of the private animal control services in the area. The Inverness Police Department does however, respond in the case of a dangerous animal where the animal poses an immediate threat or danger to others.

Building Permits

Most home improvement projects, including remodeling, additions, pools and decks, require a building permit. Septic systems, culverts and certain landscaping project also require permits. Permit applications are available at Village Hall. If you have any question concerning the need for a permit, you can call the Building Official at 847-358-7960.

Vehicle Stickers

All vehicles owned and/or leased by Village residents that are operated on Village streets are required to display an Inverness vehicle sticker. Stickers go on sale June 1st and must be renewed annually and displayed by July 1st of every year. They can be purchased at Village Hall for $10 on or before June 10th. The cost of a vehicle sticker increases to $25 after July 1st of each year. Replacement stickers can be purchased for $5. Revenue collected from vehicle sticker sales is used to fund the maintenance of Village streets. Violators are subject to ticketing by the Police.

Dog Licenses

Because of the number of lost dogs every year, residents are required to purchase licenses for their pets every year by July 1st. These licenses are $5 each year round and can be purchased at Village Hall. Replacement tags can be purchased for $1. An average of twelve dogs are returned to their owners every year with the help of Village dog tags. Residents are also limited to three dogs and all dogs must be on a leash.

Natural Gas Service

Gas service is provided by Nicor at 888-642-6748

Electric Service

Commonwealth Edison provides electrical distribution service to Village residents. Call 800-334-7661 to establish service or to report a power failure.   Click here to find out how to use new technology to contact Commonwealth Edison.  For information regarding other electrical supply options, please log on to

Cable Television

Comcast Cable Communications has a non-exclusive franchise for cable television services within the Village. They also offer high speed internet access. Their number is 866-594-1234.

AT&T also offers television and high speed internet services in most of the Village. Their number is 800-ATT-2020.

Water and Sewer

Most Inverness homes are on private wells and septic systems. Residents in Inverness on the Ponds, the Shires of Inverness, Maison du Comte, Ashbury and the Enclave are served by the Village of Palatine. You can contact the Village of Palatine at 847-359-9082 to start service. Residents in Braymore Hills, Sanctuary II of Inverness, Glencrest III, Weatherstone and the Estates at Inverness Ridge are served by the Village of Barrington. They can be reached at 847-304-3430.

Post Offices

The Village is served by two US Post Offices. The eastern half of the Village is served by the Palatine Post Office and has a 60067 zip code. The Palatine Post Office is located at:

440 W. Colfax Avenue
Palatine, Illinois 60067

The western portion of the Village is served by the Barrington Post Office and has a 60010 zip code. The Barrington Post Office is located at:

1515 S. Grove Street
Barrington, Illinois 60010

Garbage Service

The Village has issued an exclusive franchise for residential garbage service to Groot Industries. Residents contract directly with Groot Industries for service at rates and service levels controlled by the franchise. Most service is provided at the curb, however a back-door service is available at a higher cost. The service includes weekly trash pick-up, recycling and limited yard waste pick-up. For recycling, residents are provided a 65-gallon toter.  Vacation stop credits are also available for extended absences in increments of at least one month.

Yard waste collection is limited to two 30-gallon biodegradable bags per week during the months of April through November. Bundled brush and branches (subject to the same limitation as bags) are also picked up so long as they are bound with biodegradable twine and do not exceed five feet in length, two feet in diameter and 45 pounds in weight. Additional bags can be set out, but require a yard waste sticker, which costs $2.35 each. These stickers can be purchased from Groot Industries, Village Hall or the nearby Jewel Food Store.

Garbage and recyclables should not be placed by the road earlier than the evening before the day of collection, which is currently Thursday. The following holidays may delay pickup until Friday: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanskgiving and Christmas Day.

You can contact Groot Industries at 800-244-1977 to start service, rent additional toters and obtain a detailed list of current recyclables.

Open Burning

Burning is not permitted anywhere in the Village. It is unlawful to burn outdoors any material, junk, rubbish or landscape waste at any time.

Campers, Recreational Vehicles and Trucks

Travel trailer, recreational vehicles, boats and trucks are not permitted to be parked on residential property, unless they are totally shielded from the view of other properties and the public street. Shielding may be provided by attached garages or other accessory buildings. Pick-up trucks and vans may be parked outside so long as they contain no signage or exterior storage of equipment or materials.


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