Inverness Police Department

911 – For a Police Response

847-590-3478 from outside the Village

(847) 358-7766 – For information or records

Monday thru Friday- 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Welcome to the Inverness Police Department.  I am Bob Haas, the Chief of Police.  We are located at 1415 Baldwin Road on the southwest corner of Roselle and Baldwin Roads.  Our non-emergency telephone number is (847) 358-7766. The department is staffed by twelve full-time sworn officers, two part-time sworn officers and an administrative assistant.  As the Chief of Police, it is my responsibility to ensure that the Village of Inverness and its residents are provided with exemplary services and protection and that the officers serve to the best of their ability. Residents are welcome to stop by the station anytime.   

The officers of the new Inverness Police Department started patrolling the streets of the Village on May 1, 2009.   The newly hired officers are all veterans in the field and were hired based upon their law enforcement specialties, experience and expertise, as well as their desire to serve.

The Inverness Police Department operates under a community policing philosophy.  Our goal is to involve the community and residents in identifying problems and taking action prior to crimes, accidents or issues develop.  The Department believes in high visibility neighborhood patrol to deter crime and promote neighborhood security.

Our officers look for “Crimes of Opportunity” such as an open garage door and notify the residents on how to take proper measures to avoid a potential crime.  In order to accomplish this type of policing, the officers must develop a partnership with the citizens of Inverness and those who work in Inverness.  The secret to our success is the ability to communicate and share information.  This is a two-way street and we must work together to be successful.

Many citizens are reluctant to call 911 when requiring a police response because they were brought up thinking that 911 was for emergencies only.  Several years ago that was true but today, 911 is meant for any police response from serious crimes to minor assistant calls such as vehicle lockouts or a found dog.  Please do not hesitate to call 911 to connect you to the dispatch center; the officers are here to assist you.

I take personal pride in serving as the Chief of Police of Inverness. I, along with the officers and staff of the Police Department, look forward to working with and serving the citizens of Inverness.  As a resident myself and the Chief of Police, I look forward to sharing the goal of maintaining and improving the quality of life offered in our community.

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