Village Government

The Village of Inverness was incorporated in 1962. It comprises an area of approximately 6.5 square miles and has a current population of approximately 7400. Village Hall is located at the “Silos” at 1400 Baldwin Road. The office is open from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Our telephone number is 847-358-7740. The Police Department is directly across the street at 1415 Baldwin Road. Their non-emergency number is 847-358-7766.  The Building Department is also located in this building.  They can be reached at  847-358-7960.

The Village is governed by the Board of Trustees, which consists of the President and six Trustees. Members are elected at-large to overlapping four-year terms. The Board of Trustees employs a Village Administrator to carry out their legislative and policy decisions. The Administrator handles the day-to-day management of the Village. The Village is a Home Rule municipality that provides its residents with police protection, road maintenance and other public works related activities.

Board meetings are held at Village Hall on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM. Meetings are occasionally rescheduled when necessary. All meetings are open to the public. Notices of all meetings are posted in advance at Village Hall. Meeting minutes are available by contacting the Deputy Village Clerk. The Board of Trustees may meet in private executive session only to discuss certain limited matters, such as pending litigation and personnel matters.

The Village also has appointed commissions and committees. These include the Plan Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and Tree Commission.

The Plan Commission makes recommendations to the Village Board regarding land use, planned unit developments, rezoning of property and subdivision approvals. Meetings are held, as necessary, on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM at Village Hall. The Commission is comprised of seven appointed members who serve 2-year terms.

The Zoning Board of Appeals holds public hearings and makes recommendations to the Village Board on zoning variations. They also hear appeals to decisions rendered by the Zoning Officer of the Village. Seven Village residents are appointed to serve on the Zoning Board of Appeals for 5-year terms. They meet at 7:00 PM on the third Wednesday of the month at Village Hall when there is business to consider.

Please check the village schedule for meeting times of the Board of Trustees, Plan Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a state law (5 ILCS 140/1 et seq.) that entitles the public access to government records.  It is the policy of the Village of Inverness to comply with all requests for public documents in a timely fashion in accordance with FOIA.

For your convenience, a Freedom of Information Request Form is available for making a request for Village records.  The Request Form can be obtained by visiting the Forms Page on this website or can be obtained by contacting Village Hall.  While helpful, it is not required that you use this form. Completed requests for records under FOIA should be submitted to:

Sam Trakas
Freedom of Information Officer
Village of Inverness
1400 Baldwin Road
Inverness, Illinois 60067

Each request will be complied with or denied within five (5) working days after its receipt.  The five (5) working day time limit may be extended to include an additional five (5) working days in some cases.  Each request for a commercial purpose will be complied with or denied within twenty one (21) days after its receipt.  Accordingly, if your request is for a commercial purpose, please indicate that it is for a commercial purpose. Records will be made available for inspection and reproduction unless the records are exempt from disclosure under FOIA. 

Other useful documents:

You can also visit the Illinois Attorney General website for more information on the Freedom of Information Act.

Public Act 97-0609- Total Compensation

The Open Meetings Act was recently amended to provide that municipalities participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund post on their website the total compensation for each employee that has a total compensation package exceeding $75,000 per year.  “Total compensation” is defined in the law as payments by the employer to the employee for salary, health insurance, housing allowance, vehicle allowance, clothing allowance, bonuses, loans, vacation and sick days granted.

Information on total compensation of Village employees that complies with PA 97-0609 can be obtained by clicking on this link.

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